Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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The RSVP. It is an abbreviation of the French phrase  réspondez s'il vous plait , translating to please reply. I am fairly certain the when an invitation comes via the mail, that we all know what the RSVP line means. Yet, for all my daughters birthday parties and our social parties, I find myself having no idea the head count or I am sending out emails and making phone calls to get it.
Is "RSVP'ing" really that hard? 
Remember, you were graciously invited to a gathering or party. Whether it is an informal bbq or a formal wedding it is your responsibility to respond to the host so that he/she/they can plan on your attendance or absence. 

Below are some tips I have heard from my customers on saving sanity with RSVP.  I'd love to know your suggestions or thoughts! {Comment on this story}
" For my children's birthday parties, I now only have the kind of party where the RSVP head count doesn't matter.  I no longer print RSVP or regrets only on the invites & it saves me the frustration."
" I leave the time off the invitation. That way if they do want to attend they will have to phone or email to get the time & then I know who is coming"
" When the invites arrive in the mail, i check the calender & RSVP immediately because as soon as it gets thrown on the desk it will be lost in pile of papers"

RSVP etiquette: {Don't say I didn't tell you the rules}
1- you should r.s.v.p. with in one to two days of recieving an invitation, regardless of what the date is. more likely than not, you know whether or not you will be attending. emily post ettique states
2- if you are asked to RSVP but there is no further direction on how; this is your cue that you should be hand penning your RSVP note, old school style.
3- do not RSVP yes, then not show. {soooo rude}
4- even if you didn't RSVP immediately or RSVP by the date requested - and now it's past the deadline - still RSVP! better late than never- esp. if you are not attending.

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