Thursday, December 31, 2009

farewell 2009 (& good riddens!)

Not that 2009 was all bad, I had some amazing adventures & some big surprises(baby #3). BUT 2009 hit hard; some below the belt punches. So I am glad to be putting 2009 behind me & move into to 2010.

Resolutions: I love them. Not they always come to fruition but it i think its a great time to take stock of the past & make a plan for the future. So here are Polka Dots 2010 resolutions.

1. Be realistic. Adjust. The recession was nasty. While the website & party problem did not feel the effects, the storefront did. Forcing us to downsize. Things will never be the way they were before. They have improved but buying habits are different.

2. Blog more. Bringing back wedding wednesday and totaling 3 new posts per week.

3. Grow. Grow as a person, grow the website, grow the party program & grow the storefront sales. This is a big goal and because I will also be realistic (resolution#1) about what can be accomplished. I wont go into details of this is will happen. But being diligent, adjusting to circumstances (both in personal life & business) I am confident this can happen.

Wishing you...
a safe & fabulous New Years Eve | a happy, heathly 2010 | good luck on your resolutions


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i bailed...

It's been a month since I've blogged. December was a month of mixed feelings. Low retail storefront sales, amazing web & party sales (
u rock party girls!), the packing & planning of the storefront & headquarters move, my personal health issues etc...

So I bailed on blogging. My mood was not such that I felt I good offer a fair perspective on Polka Dots happenings or products. If you've been keeping up w/ me on twitter - you know.

But alas, I'm back. What has snapped me out of the funk? Perhaps it's the closing of the year, the opportunities for a fresh start, the visions I have for 2010 and the excitement that I have for the website & party program & storefront. And perhaps it's all of it. Regardless I hope you continue follow Polka Dots we Connect the Dots for 2010.


Rules to play the above game: Each player takes turns drawing a line between a pair of dots. The dots must be adjacent, but can be anywhere on the page. The goal is to close four sides of a box. Each time you create a box, you get a point; then you take another turn. The player who creates the most boxes wins.