Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i bailed...

It's been a month since I've blogged. December was a month of mixed feelings. Low retail storefront sales, amazing web & party sales (
u rock party girls!), the packing & planning of the storefront & headquarters move, my personal health issues etc...

So I bailed on blogging. My mood was not such that I felt I good offer a fair perspective on Polka Dots happenings or products. If you've been keeping up w/ me on twitter - you know.

But alas, I'm back. What has snapped me out of the funk? Perhaps it's the closing of the year, the opportunities for a fresh start, the visions I have for 2010 and the excitement that I have for the website & party program & storefront. And perhaps it's all of it. Regardless I hope you continue follow Polka Dots we Connect the Dots for 2010.


Rules to play the above game: Each player takes turns drawing a line between a pair of dots. The dots must be adjacent, but can be anywhere on the page. The goal is to close four sides of a box. Each time you create a box, you get a point; then you take another turn. The player who creates the most boxes wins.

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