Thursday, October 15, 2009

HO HO HO - no it's not too early

"Did you see they have their Christmas stuff out already. It's too early." This has been the most common sentence & twitter post I have seen within the last week.

No, it's not too early. Christmas in July: yes to early: but now in late October- no it is not too early. Being a small business owner in the retail, let me explain...
1- You need to be told when to shop. Yes, really you do. Anything custom takes time. If you dont' order it by mid-November - there is a good chance, you aren't getting that special monogrammed gift for neice Suzy. So planting the Christmas seed early, as a reminder, is a good thing. {You know you wait till last minute}
2- Christmas is a big deal. It takes a lot of manpower & money to set up holiday displays. Gotta make the most of it.
3- We gotta this sell stuff. That means all the Christmas trees, gingerbread houses and red & green stuff needs to be sold. Retailers can not afford to sit on Christmas inventory. So by displaying it an extra month early- it helps customers start thinking in that direction & gives us more time to move that inventory.
4- Retailers depend on holiday sales to either make or break the year. {esp. this year} That means selling a large volume of goods in just a few months. With all the choices consumers have, it allows you see the options available & then when the time is right for you personally- you can buy that santa snowglobe for your lawn :)
{and btw- you can expect to start seeing those blast emails for christmas}


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