Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stocking Stuffers for Santa

No, you may NOT fill my stocking with oranges or underwear!
There MUST be something thoughtful to find in there!

I just want to know one thing this holiday season. Why is my Christmas stocking so neglected? It doesn't make any sense. The centerpiece of Twas the Night Before Christmas is the "hung by the chimney with care" bit about stockings. And as a child, the stocking proudly bearing my name was the last item I touched before going to bed on Christmas Eve. Even now, with a house filled with decorations, it's my stocking-clad fireplace that I love the most this time of year. But you know what Santa forgets about until around 3pm on Christmas Eve? My stocking.

Well, that is going to change - for me and for you. Today, Christmas stockings are taking a front seat again. We're not going to let the potential go to waste. . .

The only limits to the fabulousness of what goes in the Christmas stocking are 1) space. . .why doesn't anyone make a stocking big enough to fit a funky new pocketbook? and 2) your imagination. While Polka Dots Stationery and Gifts can't really do much to improve the size of Christmas stockings, we sure can make your imagination run wild with fun ideas for filling that sock right up to the top.

With just eight days left until the big day, you may not be able to get everything you want perfectly personalized, but at Polka Dots, we have plenty pick from. Here are 8 Stocking Stuffer Ideas available at Polka Dots to get you started:
1. Me! Bath Ice Cream
2. 2009 Calendars
3. Wine Bottle Gift Tags
4. Cute note pads
5. PSA stampers and embossers
6. Tote Bags and Beach Towels
7. Mom Agendas
8. Etiquette books - from Kate Spade to Crane's. . .for adults or kids

Check out the website at www.polkadotsstationery.com and click on the "Gifts" tab. There you will find everything from gifts for the bar or the baby to an incredible assortment of etiquette books. . .could there be anything more thoughtful?

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